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CCSFX, OPTIKA-2 with Android Tablet-Keyboard

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OPTIKA-2 mit Tablet-Keyboard

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Sports and leisure facilities

Bowling combined with climbing park and a children's paradise.

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Wellness & Spa

..and fitness.

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String pinsetters from other manufacturers

Spellmann machines and new OPTIKA-2 scoring. This facility is in Serbia.

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Hotel/Restaurant & Bowling

Bowling combined with hotel and gastronomy. (Netherlands)

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Modernisations I

Upgrade existing lanes with latest scoring technology (Germany)

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Modernisations II

AMF-Pinsetters. (Berlin)

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Spellmann-Pinsetter with Kamenz-Control. (Germany)

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Kamenz-Control II

CCSFX, OPTIKA-2 and Android Tablet-Keyboard

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Pinsetter modernisations

From old and buggy free fall pinsetter to string pinsetter. (Switzerland)

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Pinsetter modernisations

From old and buggy free fall pinsetter to string pinsetter. (Switzerland)

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Bowlingcenter Basel. 20 lanes with GS-96 pinsetters.

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UV active lanes

This plant is in Furiani (Corsica).

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The machine and all electronics are the same as in normal bowling. This facility is in the US.

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Bowling in France

Concept without a keyboard console. The whole system is managed centrally.

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First installation with the new scoring system OPTIKA-2

In Bük (Hungary) the new OPTIKA-2 was first installed.

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14 lanes with string pinsetters

Bowlingcenter Aarau (Switzerland)


Bowlingcenter Basel, 20 lanes
Bowlingcenter Aarau, 14 lanes
Bowlingcenter Bern, 20 lanes
Bowlingcenter Zürich-Seebach, 12 lanes
Bowlingcenter Zürich-West in Schlieren, 19 lanes
Bowlingcenter Baden in Baregg, 20 lanes
Cherrybowl in Sihlbrugg, 12 lanes
Zürich-Seebach, Hotel Landhus
Hotel Arte, Spreitenbach, 6 lanes
Hotel Sunstar, Arosa
Bowlingcenter Littau
Bowlingcenter Interlaken
Bowlingcenter Ipsach

Bowlingcenter Biberach
Kroko-Fit, Radebeul
Bowling am Alexanderplatz, Berlin
Bowling Lounge Berlin
Bowlingcenter Dieburg
Bowling Marienberg
Bowlingcenter Finsterhalde
Sportforum Kleinmachnow
Spielewelt Damp
Brexx Bowling Grenzau
Buddies-Bowling, Bad Kreuznach
Cosmos Bowling Arena Ingolstadt
Strike Bowling & Musicbar, Freudenstadt

Bowling de Morestel
Bowling des Chavannes
Bowling de Saint Savin
Bowling de Lescar / Pau
Bowling Furiani
Bowling de Gap
Bowling de la Matène
Bowling le Txoko, Luz St Sauveur
Bowling Babbalous, La Norma (Savoie)
Bowling d'Aubagne
Bowling de l’Espace Louvroy
Bowling de Saint Paul-en-Chablais
Bowling de Grandville (Bretagne)
Bowling Lounge Andorra

Moeke Mooren (Appeltern)
Chimpie champ (Oosterhout)

Mondial Bowling Ciampino (Rom)

Vestfold Bowling (Horten)
TP Bowlingsenter in Mo i Rana

Extreme Park (Nicosia)

Rascalsfunzone (Indiana)
Rascals Family Fun Center (Hawaii)
Zap Zone Family Fun Center (Farmington, Michigan)

and many more..