Center Control System: CCS-FX

Centralized management system for the management and control of all bowling lanes. Various billing methods and very detailed summaries of the daily reports

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All important information at a glance

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Select rate

Image 3

Enter names (with individual tariff plans)

Image 4

Pick names or groups from the waiting list

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Lane-specific options

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Package deals by time or after games

Overview and logical representations

On the main screen: All lanes with number of players, shoes, game progress and current bill
The user is guided / assisted by the program during all operations.

Multiple billing options

Various billing options: Frames / Time / Games / Packages for games or time. Advance paid games or after prepaid time
Various charge options when paying with credit cards,
Various VAT rates for bowling / proshop / shoes / credit card charge.
NEW: Integrated billing manager for pool tables. Different time zones definable.

Optimized for bowling centers without player name entry consoles

Simplified entry of the player names e.g. By naming suggestions or capturing of player photos, or by importing from the waiting list.
Customer-specific web interface for the entry of the players' names (customers enter their own names, the group is automatically added to the waiting list)
Correct game score, add / delete players, select game types, activate bumper, or transfer entire lanes

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integrated proshop

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Detailed daily report

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Packages for games or time

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Multiple tarif options

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Manager: Overview statistics

Image 6

NEW: Integrated billing manager for pool tables

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Optional: User Modus

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Integrated (Pro-)Shop

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League players database

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League: Pick teams from database

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League: Export games to Excel

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League: Move teams..



Intuitive menus and learn. Multilingual (German / French / English / Hungarian / Romanian and Dutch), other languages can be added.


Protected against misuse and manipulation of any kind. Detailed event and daily closing protocols.


Runs under all versions of Windows (10 and 11) and Linux. Easy installation: It is no network configurations needed -> Plug & Play
Communication with the lane computers: TCP / IP (WLan) and/or serial*
No Program versions conflict: CCSFX is compatible with all scoring systems from BMS (Scoregraphic*, OPTIKA-1* and of course OPTIKA-2)

Clear settings

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Even for large centers

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Currently in 6 languages (D / F / E / Hungarian / Romanian and Dutch)

CCS-FX is 100% compatible with all scoring systems from BMS