Consulting, design and sale of bowling equipment and accessories. Manufacturer of automatic scoring systems.

Sale, supply and installation of turnkey bowling alleys

All the electronics that control the machines, detection of throw results and display the match results is produced by ourselves in Switzerland. The machines are reliable and maintenance-free string pinsetters, which are sourced from our partners from Germany. The lanes are supplied by our European partners and expertly assembled. This combination of specialization and cooperation, manifests itself in quality, efficiency and price advantage for our customers.

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Sale, supply and installation of turnkey bowling alleys

We realize the assembly and delivery of turn key bowling centers across Europe. Modernize existing bowling facilities with the latest scoring technology and replace old freefall pinsetters with new string pinsetters.

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Manufacturer of automatic scoring systems

We develop and produce the scoring system OPTIKA and management system CCS-FX.

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Support and assistance

We accompany and support our customers technically competent and perform service and repair work.

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